And thus we the sticker makers are committed to showing you all of our efforts and the money involved. Our goal is getting our 99 VOICES sticker out in the world. We are not, will not, and don’t plan in the future to make money from this effort. It is pure communications. Pure connection and networking support. And we kinda like the sticker.

The most recent printing of 500 stickers cost $106 with an initial set up fee.

Obviously on the FREE StarterPaks we are losing a little over a dollar. (3 stickers, plus postage)

And here locally we are handing out a lot of them at occupy rallys and to individuals.

Most people are choosing the 0.01 option, but we have had a few 25 and 50 pak sales. We will put together an accounting sheet when the numbers get interesting.

That’s the truth and that’s our plan.

J Mercurial.

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