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A Slice of Suburban Politics and Racism

Let me explain a frustration for a minute here. A few years ago when Obama was about to be elected, a couple kids at our bus stop were talking about the election. “We don’t like Obama,” they said. I was curious how a 1st grader had a political opinion, so I asked. “Obama doesn’t like white people,” she said.Okay, so I live in a nice neighborhood, with lots of conservative people, no problem, but that those words out of a 1st graders mouth were just WRONG.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“That’s what my Mom says.”

99% Driving a BMWOkay. That was a given, but the rest of the story is even better. This next door neighbor was running for some sort of district attorney position as a Democrat. Two years earlier she had run as a Republican. Same woman that drives a BMW X5 and a BMW 330. I pulled up behind her at a stop light today and I was curious at my anger. Her “Elect MC” bumper sticker was back.

I remember asking her back then, “So how are you running as a democrat now?”

“Whatever it takes,” she said. “I just really want this position.”

“It’s as easy as that?” I asked.


I’m glad she lost. And I am hoping to support her opponent again.

Just a little slice of life from the suburbs.

Keep Rockin the Vote and Let’s #occupyElections in 2012,
J Mercurial
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