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Fkin STRIP SEARCH? In the USA? WHAT? SRSLY? Now I’m Mad.

Let's Protest Strip Searches by Driving Naked

NSFW - click to view video

STRIP SEARCH!Good idea or police state tactic? Here’s my initial take from a first-hand routine traffic stop:

I had no idea the other day, in my white middle class neighborhood that I could’ve been strip searched when I said, “That’s fucking ridiculous to the cop that was pulling me over.” I’m betting in other areas, with my skin being a bit different and my auto being a bit more run down, I’d have been in for a different experience all together.”We’re cracking heads on the OWS folks all over this country in a way that we would frakin invade other countries for. Regardless of how you feel about OWS, it’s not right.

And now they have the power of the STRIP SEARCH? I think no one, none of us smart ass honkeys, can actually believe it would happen. Not to us, not in our neighborhood. But it that truck of smelly outdoor workers gets stopped in front of our house, heck, they might have been illegals too. They were speaking Spanish.

Disgusted with my country at the moment. That’s why I’m activating with the99spring.com and my own little uprising http://facebook.com/99stickers

Of course stickers won’t solve anything. But they can get us talking to each other. We can spread the dialogue with thinking folks and see if we can tip the balance away from the tea party and the way RIGHT that are trying to get Santorum elected. SRSLY? What kind of nightmare would that be.

I encourage you to get involved somewhere. Make sure your opinion is heard. And if you don’t agree with me, that’s cool, but let’s keep the discussion in the top levels of the hierarchy of a disagreement, okay.Bungle in the Jungle or What’s In a Snipe: Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement

But we definately need to raise up our voice on this one. What’s the MEME that we can start online to support or defeat this amazingly retro ruling?

Hey they won’t have to strip us if we’re naked. That’s it. DRIVE NAKED.Thanks RR for the push.


J Mercurial
permalink; http://99stickers.com/2012/04/strip-search/

Video of the new Movement: DRIVE NAKED (NSFW)

A Slice of Suburban Politics and Racism

Let me explain a frustration for a minute here. A few years ago when Obama was about to be elected, a couple kids at our bus stop were talking about the election. “We don’t like Obama,” they said. I was curious how a 1st grader had a political opinion, so I asked. “Obama doesn’t like white people,” she said.Okay, so I live in a nice neighborhood, with lots of conservative people, no problem, but that those words out of a 1st graders mouth were just WRONG.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“That’s what my Mom says.”

99% Driving a BMWOkay. That was a given, but the rest of the story is even better. This next door neighbor was running for some sort of district attorney position as a Democrat. Two years earlier she had run as a Republican. Same woman that drives a BMW X5 and a BMW 330. I pulled up behind her at a stop light today and I was curious at my anger. Her “Elect MC” bumper sticker was back.

I remember asking her back then, “So how are you running as a democrat now?”

“Whatever it takes,” she said. “I just really want this position.”

“It’s as easy as that?” I asked.


I’m glad she lost. And I am hoping to support her opponent again.

Just a little slice of life from the suburbs.

Keep Rockin the Vote and Let’s #occupyElections in 2012,
J Mercurial
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