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The 99% Sticker is FREE for a Limited Time

99stickers.com - be heard - the 99% sticker is freeThere are a lot of 99% Stickers out there. Moveon has one. There are about a million on cafe press and zazzle. So what’s the deal? What’s the catch? Why would you BUY a 99% sticker for $3.00? Who’s profiting from that?

For the first week of availability, starting today, Dec 14, 2011, I will send you a package of free stickers if you send me your physical address. I am not capturing anything or planning to spam anyone. I will send you a free set of stickers just to get things rolling.

AND as an added bonus, if you snap a picture of your 99 Voices sticker in place, we will send you ANOTHER package of stickers. We’re really about networking.

How does that sound?

J Mercurial
sharethislink:  http://99stickers.com/2011/12/99-sticker/

99% stickers are free - v2 diecut sticker - share your voice