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The Children of Rich People, “We’re People Too, Just Different.”

I should know, I am one.

It’s not that rich people think their kids are better than your, it’s just… Well, they’re not all that sure they want their kids playing with someone from your neigborhood or tax bracket. I’m sure my dad had that concept, my mom, not so much. Although before Obama she was a RED-Stater all the way. Things DO change.

So today I was walking a block over from my neighborhood and into the way 1% area where Sandra Bullock built her home. Even their neighborhood pool looks snooty. And I was noticing all the fences. Just about everything is fenced in. With codes and locks and gates and … security services.

I’m glad they can’t take a reading of my credit report at the moment, or I’d a been booted from their streets and back into my more variable neigborhood PDQ.

Anyway I was wondering about the ‘normal’ people in the backyards of their gated houses. And they looked just like me. Most of them, okay all of them, were white. And while the cars in the driveways were nicer than mine, I was at least, from the street, a member of their tribe. So here they are, just like me, living in a HUGE frickin house with a beautiful front yard with no one in it. Ever!

So they’re gonna play and keep their kids playing in their backyards. Approved play dates, I guess. And something IS different about this than how I was raised 40+ years ago. The kids in our neighborhoods all played together. And we played in the front of our houses, in huge packs, playing kick the can, werewolf, and capture the flag. It was a neighborhood.

Today there was not a single group of kids anywhere. The gated and protected pool was empty, but school’s still a week or so from being out. I did see two other folks jogging. They looked pretty much like me, too.

So what keeps them so “gated?” Is there something sinister that comes in when you don’t fence and arm your property?

Sure the rich love their children. They just don’t love your children. And unless you’re at the private school, they’re not so sure they want their kids to love your kids either. Maybe that’s it, classism.

A high school friend asked me the other day, “How is it, that we grew up together and yet we came out with such different politics?” It was a friendly question.

The answer came a few hours later. It was my hippy sister. She didn’t care to much for classism. She balked at my father’s discipline and dislikes of her boyfriends. In fact, I’m sure she went the other way just to piss him off.

It must be kinda sad on the other side of that fence. I mean, lonely. Unless you schedule a playdate, how are you going to make friends?

It just goes to show you, that people are people. Biases and prejudices are everywhere. I’m sure I have some of my own. But I AM sure it does not involve providing healthcare for the poor kids as well as mine.

If we all rise we all rise. If only the rich rise, the rest of us fall further behind. That’s what I believe, anyway.


J Mercurial

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