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What the Drone? Dear President Obama…

Please explain the value of the “fire from above” approach we have now with invisible drone strikes. We’re getting closer and closer to Terminator’s reality. NSA and Skynet now able to blow up folks with the push of an anonymous button. WRONG.

Dear President Obama,

Please explain and justify the use of our strike drones and the unnecessary death they have caused.

NYU student creates to track strikes and collateral damage. (That’s the non-enemy combatants who are also being killed, including women and children.)

visualizing the US drone strikes since 2004


And the site he created to provide the API for dataviz folks to build more interactive representations of this carnage. This is not a game! These are people being killed by missiles dropping silently from the sky.

We can change this.

J Mercurial

A Slice of Suburban Politics and Racism

Let me explain a frustration for a minute here. A few years ago when Obama was about to be elected, a couple kids at our bus stop were talking about the election. “We don’t like Obama,” they said. I was curious how a 1st grader had a political opinion, so I asked. “Obama doesn’t like white people,” she said.Okay, so I live in a nice neighborhood, with lots of conservative people, no problem, but that those words out of a 1st graders mouth were just WRONG.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“That’s what my Mom says.”

99% Driving a BMWOkay. That was a given, but the rest of the story is even better. This next door neighbor was running for some sort of district attorney position as a Democrat. Two years earlier she had run as a Republican. Same woman that drives a BMW X5 and a BMW 330. I pulled up behind her at a stop light today and I was curious at my anger. Her “Elect MC” bumper sticker was back.

I remember asking her back then, “So how are you running as a democrat now?”

“Whatever it takes,” she said. “I just really want this position.”

“It’s as easy as that?” I asked.


I’m glad she lost. And I am hoping to support her opponent again.

Just a little slice of life from the suburbs.

Keep Rockin the Vote and Let’s #occupyElections in 2012,
J Mercurial

A Conversation Last Night Brought a Few Things To Light

AHave fun with the 99 Voices sticker huge percentage of Americans agree with the $$ in politics issue that the OWS movement raised. BUT… (myself included) The same Amercians fear reprisal from participating and even self-identification with the 99%. This sticker is a way show you believe in the power of the people and the power of positive communication. That’s what our country was founded on.

So there is a risk associated with supporting the OWS movement. Personally I have some conservative clients, and some 1% clients, who would be nonetopleased to see my sticker on my BMW. (Yes a car says something about prioirities, my other car was a Prius, before my divorce.) I believe deeply that WE THE PEOPLE can make a difference. I’m not sure exactly how that will play out. But I am willing to put my creative energy behind it. And even some of my money, as I am not going to make even $5 off this venture. (see about us page for more details)

But when the President absolutely CAVES on his promise to VETO the XL Pipeline Line Item if attached to the Payroll Tax Bill. WELL, FOLKS, he said, “We’ve reached a deal that is good for the American public.” WTF? How does an amendment on the pipeline have any benefits to the American public? ANSWER: It does not. It benefits big business, oil companies, and the GOP, AND I HATE TO SAY IT, it helps OBAMA!

If you don’t think that’s a problem with money in politics, then you’ve got your head in the sand. Or you are flirting with the 1% – 5% of affluent Americans yourself, and you simply don’t care. You’re fine either way.

J Mercurial

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