About 99stickers.com

99stickers.com was born on Nov. 27, 2011 to publish and promote positive occupy messages through the 99 Voices sticker. You can contact us with ideas, requests, complaints, or support at 99stickersite@gmail.com // Born and raise in Austin, Texas.

And here’s the promise, we’re going to do an OPEN ACCOUNTING on all of our transactions, so you can see that we are not here to PROFIT from the #occupy movement, but we are here to support and accentuate the positive that we have to rally around to affect change in this country. We can do it. The 1% has ruled the government with money for too long. Be part of the change, share your VOICE. Join with us and pass out some stickers on us.

AS OF TODAY DEC. 14, 2011, we have sold ZERO stickers. We have spent about $150 on the printing and set up. So let’s get on with it. We have giving them all away.

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If you’re on Twitter please follow us @99stickers. And if you’re tweeting about it, here are the biggest hashtags. #ows #occupy #occupywallstreet

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